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Game Rule
  1. Two pieces with the same Color or Shape are FRIENDS.
  2. Two or more identical adjoining pieces form a CLUSTER. Cluster
  3. To build CLUSTER, adjoining pieces can be interchanged. Interchange
  4. Interchanging of pieces are only allowed in situations where the move will produce at least one adjoining friend for every moved piece.
    Allowed position after interchange. Allowed position  
    Not Allowed position after interchange.
    The piece in red box does not have any FRIEND.
    Not allowed position  
  5. Point are accumulated by connecting 4 or more friends to build a CLUSTER. Once a CLUSTER is built it disappears from the screen and points are collected. The larger the CLUSTER formation the greater the prize value.
Game Type
  1. Expert   Expert
    To complete the level all pieces should be cleared from the board by creating CLUSTERS.
    The goal of the game: passing maximum levels to collect the highest score.
  2. Medium   Medium
    The same as Expert game, but every level can be repeated up to 5 times.
    To assist in CLUSTER formation this Game Type allows players to change the shape and/or color of up to 3 pieces:
    • Touch and hold the piece to exchange;
    • Select new shape / color from pop-up box;
    • To cancel exchange touch screen out of pop-up box.
  3. Beginner   Beginner
    The level is completed if no more CLUSTERS can be created but the board does not have to be cleared.
    Games will be timed and players have up to two - four minutes (level depended) to create a CLUSTER or the game will be over.
    Blue line above board indicates remained time.
    The goal of the game: passing maximum levels to collect the highest score.
After level ends it is possible to view Inventory for additional analysis.
Star Show the highest achievements.
Pause Pause – halts the game.
Inventory Provides an inventory of which shapes/colors remain on the board. Available only on small screen devices.
Prizes List the prizes for different CLUSTER formations within the current level. Available only on small screen devices.
Exchange Available numbers of piece to exchange. Only in medium type game.
Quit Quit the level or game.
Stone Unmovable stone.

To close any pop-up box touch anywhere on screen.