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    Cluster Eraser is the next stage of evolution in the matching puzzle genre. Built with three types of game modes of progressing difficulty Cluster Eraser begins each level with the player seeing all the puzzle pieces already visible on the board. Unlike other matching games where pieces are added randomly as the game progresses this game allows the player to have full information from the start. Players must strategize by thinking many moves ahead in order to remove the maximum amount of pieces and move on to the next level. Randomness is not a factor in the game of Cluster Eraser, so players are rewarded only when they are able clear the board based on the information that is presented to them at the beginning of each level.

    Cluster Eraser is the perfect game for people who wish to improve their ability to recognize patters, think many moves ahead, and sharpen their focus and concentration. Download the game app today and start feeling smarter tomorrow!

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